Our American Baptist roots grow deep in Hallowell soil. Our Non-Denominational canopy is spreading out over the lost but not forsaken. The fruit of the tree, that     IS Granite Hill Church, grows and ripens daily to benefit those in need.

The view of Hallowell from top of the hill at Granite Hill Church.

Our purpose at Granite Hill is to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, experience God’s Word, and grow together to impact our world.


Interim Pastor - Bradley Hyden

Board of Elders - Bob Chaput

Board of Trustees - Karina Genest

Worship Leader- Brianna Longfellow

Audio/Video Engineer - Dan Smith

Office Manager - Bridget Palmer

Holding Plant

The Longfellow Family


     The First Baptist Church of Hallowell was established over 200 years ago. The people of Hallowell grew a church, steeped in Baptist traditions, which served the community very well.

     When it was time to build a new church, Pastor Michael Longfellow had a vision of a Church for the Unchurched. To reach out to those who have been hurt by a church and to those who feel they don't quite fit in with mainstream churches. The birth of Granite Hill Church was the culmination of this vision along with the strong faith and commitment from the members of the First Baptist Church of Hallowell.

     Pastor Michael lead the way in building this "new foundation". He has since been called to follow a different path on his journey with Jesus. Michael, his wife Kelleen, and their wonderful family will be missed but their transitional leadership will not be forgotten.