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Every person is important and valued. God has      created us all with different gifts. When we         grow in the knowledge of Jesus and understand what our gifts are, we discover where we "fit" in the body of Christ. A foot is just as important as a hand. To function properly, we all need each other.  We welcome all the big, medium, and small ways

that you can contribute your gift's and

"fit"          in!

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


There are a multitude of opportunities to volunteer at Granite Hill Church. Check out our "Sign Me Up" page to see how you can offer your gifts of time and talent!

It's never been easier to give your tithes and offerings online. Click on the Give page!

"We are blessed to be a blessing."


Sometimes it's the little things that count the most. Striking up a conversation with someone new over a cup of clean up after service...pray for the leadership in our church....


Here is another great way to help...

clynk logo.jpg

Hmm..what to do with all those bottles and cans that are collecting in your garage? Donate them to Granite Hill Church! All donations to our Clynk account go towards our fundraisers. Throughout the year we collect funds to benefit those in our community.

Every nickel counts! 

Check out our Community Outreach page to see our fundraisers in action and find out how you can get involved! 

                         It's Easy!

     Choose option 1 or option 2...

1. Pick up a pre-labeled Clynk bag at Granite Hill Church. Fill it with your redeemable bottles and cans. Drop off the bag at any Hannaford grocery store.

2. Use or create your own Clynk account. Redeem your bottles and cans. Log onto your account and click the link to donate. Type in Granite Hill Church.

Thank You!

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