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Sign Me Up!


The best way to get involved and to get to know one another is to Volunteer. We use email-based to schedule our volunteers.  It's really pretty simple...

1. Fill out one of our "Sign Me Up Cards" when you are at the church. Or send us an email letting us know where you would like to serve.

2. Open our email back to you and click on the link.

3. Look through all the available slots in the months scheduled and put your name in the slots for the weeks you want to volunteer.

4. You will receive a reminder email a few days before your scheduled dates. That's it!


Ushers & Greeters

A smiling face that welcomes you every Sunday...Helping hands that make the offering, communion, and other parts of a service integrate seemlessly. These volunteers are the backbone in the body of Christ. A small commitment with huge benefits for everyone. Signup today! 

Mmm...Coffee Hour!

Coffee Hour

Ahhh....there's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee and a quick bite of something delicious after service!

If this is your area of interest and talents...we would love to add you to this signup. You don't have to be a professional baker. You don't even have to bake at bought goodies work great too!


Summit Kids

Summit Kids Sunday School is our new Volunteer based program. It runs on the help of our volunteers and the willingness of parents/grandparents to take turns helping in the classrooms. When we add the organizational and financial support from our leaders to the program... it's a winning combination! Our kids need some wins in life. They need you!



It seems like everything just magically stays clean. It's only when we have no volunteers to clean that we remember there is no magic. Many hands make light work! Please consider giving some of your time to help keep our church sparkling and beautiful!

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